The nature of our business takes us across the country - and sometimes around the world -  to work in different industries and in a variety of companies large and small.  From this vantage point, we can spot the trends that are emerging with people and worklife. We find trends in new workspaces, meeting designs, employee issues, feedback structures, management struggles, and buzzwords.

For this reason, we created our blog, The TrendSpotter, to keep you on the frontline. Here, we share cutting edge information to help you be more thoughtful, strategic and empathetic – and sometimes just laugh.

After all, we don’t work with robots; we work with people.  Enjoy and spread the word!

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Look Out for Your Resting Face

By Liz Bentley

When I first heard about "B*tchy Resting Face", I felt it was ridiculous…it’s hard enough for people to make hardwired behavior changes let alone work on their resting face. But I quickly came to realize how important it is for people to be aware of what their resting face may or may not be conveying.

Company Culture Must-Haves Going Forward: Meaning & Connectedness

By Liz Bentley

How can leaders inspire employees to give 110% when no one is looking? The key rests in the culture. Is it one in which people feel stressed out and under appreciated? Or one in which people find meaning in their work and feel cared about?

Ladies, Get in the Huddle...One Just Went Overboard

By Liz Bentley

In shame, we fall and shrink. In empathy, we rise and recover. Learn why men are better at supporting each other in times of trouble - and what women need to do to pull each other into the huddle.

Holiday Party Guide To Staying Above the Waterline

By Liz Bentley

In our work, hearing stories during 360 interviews (sometimes even a year later) on people’s bad and inappropriate behavior at holiday parties is not a rarity. And let me tell you, those stories can stick around for years. With a few simple strategies, you can nail the holiday season and come out shining.