Feedback: Why It Matters and How It's Going To Change the Workplace

In this episode, we take a birds-eye view of feedback and explore why it is critical for companies and individuals to embrace it in order to evolve.
A quick note: When giving specific examples from her coaching work, Liz changes industries and gender in order to ensure confidentiality.

Episode Guide:

00:38   Why is feedback such a hot topic in the workplace?

01:47   What would be an example of a character flaw that somebody didn’t know about?

03:20   How have companies changed over time in how they help their employees move forward?

05:40   What do you see as the biggest risks to working in a world without feedback?

07:42   What would a company look like where feedback is working really well?

08:37   What percentage of companies have a culture of feedback?

09:37   How will feedback impact the workplace of the future?

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