The nature of our business takes us across the country - and sometimes around the world -  to work in different industries and in a variety of companies large and small.  From this vantage point, we can spot the trends that are emerging with people and worklife. We find trends in new workspaces, meeting designs, employee issues, feedback structures, management struggles, and buzzwords.

For this reason, we created our blog, The TrendSpotter, to keep you on the frontline. Here, we share cutting edge information to help you be more thoughtful, strategic and empathetic – and sometimes just laugh.

After all, we don’t work with robots; we work with people.  Enjoy and spread the word!

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Reach for What You Want: 3 ways to get there

By Liz Bentley

If you're looking to make a change in your work or personal life, it's important to be authentic and let go of the past. Here's how you get started.

The Battle To Stay Relevant

By Liz Bentley

Liz explains the behavioral trends that led to people’s success last year and the qualities they'll need going forward.

How #MeToo Has Changed the Workplace

By Liz Bentley

With #MeToo, women found the courage to be themselves, to stand up for each other and speak in a stronger voice. Here's how it has impacted the workplace and what to expect in 2019.

Put Yourself First

By Liz Bentley

Know Your Value

In her latest  feature for “Know Your Value," Liz challenges our conceptions of “being selfish” and provides strategies to meet our own needs so we can be more fulfilled and effective at what we do. Read the article.

Leveraging Your Personal Presence

By Liz Bentley

In Liz's latest feature on Know Your Value, she shares strategies on how to ensure your look is enhancing your brand, not hindering it.

Lean into Your Fear To Get Better Results

By Liz Bentley

Know Your Value

Learn how to understand fear and control your reaction to it.

Embrace Your Challenges

By Liz Bentley

There’s a great scene in “A League of Their Own”  that encapsulates why the hardest challenges we face are the most fulfilling and crucial to overcome.  In it, Tom Hanks’s character (Jimmy Dugan) is the coach of a professional all-women’s baseball team during World War II. Geena Davis’s character (Dottie Hinson) is the catcher and she’s about to play her sister who’s the pitcher on the other team in the finals.

Make Way for the Post-Millennials

By Kerith McElroy

The Post-Millennials (Pew’s placeholder name) – or Gen Z as they’re often called – are going to be a fascinating group to watch as they enter the workforce. While Millennials came of age as the Internet transformed our lives, this new group is on a whole new plane.

People Don't Change...But They Can Evolve

By Liz Bentley

Looking to change people is the wrong way to approach development.  Discover why looking to evolve is the key to success.

Are You Living in a Growth Mindset?

By Liz Bentley

In coaching, we focus on helping clients get into a Growth Mindset and out of a Fixed one.

In this video, I explain what that looks like.  As you watch it, take an inventory of your life. Are you poised for growth OR are you living in a fixed world whether effort is seen as exposing weakness and failure is followed by blame?