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Stop the Gossip!

I recently connected with a close friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. She was updating me on her extended family drama and the complications it was creating leading into the Thanksgiving holiday.  In a nut shell, her brother and sister fight because they don’t get along with their respective spouses and they don’t like the way each other’s kids are being raised. Her siblings come to her with their laundry list of complaints, and she’s dreading the weekend they are about to spend together.

Embrace Your Challenges

There’s a great scene in “A League of Their Own”  that encapsulates why the hardest challenges we face are the most fulfilling and crucial to overcome.  In it, Tom Hanks’s character (Jimmy Dugan) is the coach of a professional all-women’s baseball team during World War II. Geena Davis’s character (Dottie Hinson) is the catcher and she’s about to play her sister who’s the pitcher on the other team in the finals.


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