Make Way for the Post-Millennials

Pew Announces Cut Off for Millennials

By Kerith McElroy

Earlier this month, Pew Research Center announced that they’ve determined a cutoff point between Millennials and the next generation. 1996 will be the last birth year for Millennials. The oldest of the new cohort – for which a universal name has yet to take hold – is turning 21 and at the starting point of their careers.

As Pew is quick to point out, “generational cutoff points aren’t an exact science.” But they aren’t arbitrary. Researchers analyze the social, political and economic factors which define each generation's formative years. What we, at Liz Bentley Associates, find important to study is how these factors end up shaping their priorities and proclivities.

The Post-Millennials (Pew’s placeholder name) – or Gen Z as they’re also called – are going to be a fascinating group to watch as they enter the workforce. While Millennials came of age as the Internet began transforming our lives, the Post-Millenials/Gen Zs are on a whole new plane. They're the first “digital natives." For them, technology has been ubiquitous and primarily social (a way to foster connections). They have become highly skilled in influencing and shaping their personal brands. They are more independent (e.g. they don’t wait for parents to teach them things) and they like to move fast, but they also value security.  How this will translate into their work styles – and the opportunities and challenges it will create for companies – remains to be seen. But we will certainly be watching them closely in order to help our clients bridge generational divides and attract and retain top talent.