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Millennial Training

Bridging the gap between the different generational mindsets is critical to integrating Millennials into your company culture effectively as well as helping your organization grow and adapt.

This rising generation has a unique approach to how they do business, which greatly shapes their work ethic and lifestyle needs.

Training for Millennials

Our program will teach Millennials how to navigate these differences and learn to:

  • Adapt to company culture
  • Receive feedback
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Understand the demands of a competitive workplace
  • Improve professionalism

Training for Management

This program will teach managers how to effectively understand, guide and mentor their Millennial employees. We will help managers understand the mindset of all the generations (theirs and Millennials) to show where both are struggling so they can each adjust and grow. Areas covered include how to:

  • Give feedback effectively
  • Listen strategically to help Millennials problem solve and to help managers gain more insight on differences
  • Motivate Millennials to succeed
  • Adapt their systems and processes to be more effective with Millennials
  • Push Millennials to grow and overcome their challenges
  • Build loyalty
  • Train Millennials effectively


We invited Liz to conduct a half-day session for our recent college grads to help shorten their learning curve. Liz was completely flexible in customizing her content to address our specific needs. With very little preparation time on my end, Liz came into our session like a rock star – gaining complete engagement from the participants and knocking all of our objectives out of the ballpark.

- Crystal Shaw, HR Project Manager, Armstrong Flooring