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Pre-Hire Consulting

Hiring is a critical decision in all organizations. Our 3-step process helps ensure the best possible fit for your team and company:

  • Assess Hiring Needs

    We work with you to understand what your team needs in terms of talents, skills, personality and values. We help you better understand your needs so that when the right candidate arises you can spot them more quickly.

  • Assess Candidate Type

    We assess candidates through our assessment tools to help you better understand the person you will be working with.

  • Help You To Understand and Diagnose Candidates More Effectively

    We give you questions and tips to help you go deeper and better understand your candidates during the interview process.

Through our process we can help leaders have better insight on candidates and ask more involved interview questions to make their decisions.

The wrong fit is very costly – both emotionally and financially – to teams and organizations. Using this process we have helped companies dramatically improve their hiring process and reduce turnover.