Stay Above the Waterline

Our quarterly blog is a resource to help you navigate your professional and personal life. The relentless pace of our daily lives tends to drag us down into problems, drama and details from which we find it hard to surface. Our goal is to provide practical tips and information on how to stay productive — in the vision, thinking and planning of your life.


Stop the Gossip!

By Liz Bentley

I recently connected with a close friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. She was updating me on her extended family drama and the complications it was creating leading into the Thanksgiving holiday.  In a nut shell, her brother and sister fight because they don’t get along with their respective spouses and they don’t like the way each other’s kids are being raised. Her siblings come to her with their laundry list of complaints, and she’s dreading the weekend they are about to spend together.

Why You Need To Watch Tom Brady This Weekend

By Liz Bentley

Being a New Yorker, I have a hard time liking Tom Brady. But the truth be told - he is an extraordinary athlete and his talents cannot be ignored. In fact, they should be watched and replicated in workplaces everywhere. And here’s why…

Master Your Mindset

By Karmen Dadourian

I will not tell my children they are smart anymore! And here’s why...Most people are held back not by their innate capability, but by their mindset. They think intellect is fixed, but it isn’t. Our brains are like a muscle. The more we struggle and use our brain, the more it grows. Learn why getting in a "Growth Mindset" is key to our resilience and success in life, and how you as a leader can foster it in your team.

The 5 Degrees of Feedback

By Liz Bentley

We all know that feedback is critical to growth in the workplace and in our lives.  But how much can you really take? Here's my 5 degrees of feedback and tips on how you can stay open to giving and receiving it.

Don’t Be the Blamer, Get the MVP Today

By Liz Bentley

Groupthink is unproductive and blame is contagious. When this happens, organizations struggle and teams can fall apart. Here are strategies to help you resist and be an MVP instead of a blamer.

Express Your Gratitude

By Liz Bentley

To embrace gratitude is quite a different concept from being optimistic. It isn't about being positive; it is about being grateful. As Robert Emmons, a leading researcher on gratitude, describes it: "To say we feel grateful is not to say that everything in our lives is necessarily great. It just means we are aware of our blessings" and thankful for the ways in which the actions of others lighten our burdens. Here's where to look in your own life.

How To Build Confidence: “Fake It Till You Make It”

By Liz Bentley

When challenges increase in your work and career, you will be called to rise to them. The key rests to finding confidence when you are unsure. Here's how.

Why We Forget That Practice Makes Perfect

By Liz Bentley

People often want to be good at what they do immediately. They expect to do well without really understanding the amount of time and effort it really takes to be considered “good” let alone "great." Discover how you can get in a mindset that allows for practice and therefore success.

Embrace Generational Differences

By Liz Bentley

As you go about your life, look for your own opportunities to bridge the generations. Reach out and tap into their expertise. Each generation has signature strengths from which we all can learn and grow.

Don't Quit - Find Your Grit

By Liz Bentley

When we quit mentally, we don’t go that extra distance to make something great or we simply disengage. Here's why we do it and how we can find a way to push ourselves even when the going gets tough.