Sotheby’s East Coast Regional Networking Event

By Kerith McElroy

Liz Bentley moderated the “Top Producer Panel” at Sotheby’s Auction House for the East Coast/New York real estate agents. Liz is pictured above with Frank Newbold, Brad Nelson, Cathy Taub, Shelly Tretter, Kathy Korte and Todd Peter. 

The discussion was lively and informative. Panelists Frank Newbold, Cathy Taub, Todd Peter and Shelly Tretter are pictured here sharing their insights with the audience.

It was followed by a wonderful cocktail party that gave everyone a chance to continue the conversation and network. Here’s Jeremy Stein (a top broker in New York City), Kathy Korte (President and CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty), and Phillip White (President and COO of Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates). 

Here’s Dana Totter (a client and top agent in the Hamptons), Leslie McElwreath (a top agent in Greenwich), Todd Peter (a top agent in Palm Beach and panelist) and Debra Reece (a past client and manager of the Palm Beach Sotheby’s office).

Liz enjoyed the chance to connect with Cathy Taub (a panelist and top agent in New York city) and Leslie McElwreath (a top agent in Greenwich).

Karmen Dadourian, our executive coach who has worked with many real esate clients, is pictured here with Dana Trotter (a client and top agent in the Hamptons) and Lena Datwani (a top agent at Sotheby’s New York City/downtown office.)