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360º Feedback Reviews

Our 360º Feedback Reviews are powerful tools that uncover essential information to help our clients succeed. We offer two varieties: in-person and online reviews.

In-person 360º Degree Review is an in-depth and personalized review in which the coach interviews between 5 and 10 people who work with you in all capacities – e.g. your manager, peers, direct reports and clients (if applicable). We ask them all the same questions and compile a report with the information gathered. This report will have sections that focus on your unique strengths, areas to turn your attention to, and strategies to move forward. We will also highlight notable quotes and areas where your Strengths Go South.

Online 360º Review is a virtual assessment in which people who work with you in all capacities participate – e.g. your manager, peers, direct reports and clients (if applicable). All of the participants will answer questions online to evaluate your leadership style. The results will reveal your strengths and weaknesses in key areas. The participants’ answers will be grouped by category so that you can see if your direct reports have different experiences of you than your manager and so on.ility to serve agents.

Email us if you’d like to inquire about taking an Online or In-person 360.


  • I was very grateful to be able to have had the 360 experience. Liz is great at defining behavior and explaining it in such a way that it’s easy to understand and therefore take steps to change. She pushes you just enough out of you comfort zone. Our meetings were something that I always looked forward to. It’s exciting to be able to work on yourself with someone who is so knowledgeable. It was an extremely positive experience.

    Abby Sheeline, Marketing Director, Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty

  • I’ve been exposed to many personality assessments geared toward teams and management / leadership but never really saw the value of the generalizations. When you’re a young manager I think you want to treat everyone like snowflakes. After working through the DISC assessment and having a few of the managers that work for me take and share with their teams, it became a much more scalable management approach than the ‘snowflake’ method. DISC created a common language around employee needs allowing us to have more productive conversations on how we can support and motivate one another. I’ve found the language useful to help grow young managers, foster peer support, facilitate 360 reviews and generally drive a more transparent, supportive culture. I will say DISC (like other personality assessments) is only part of the puzzle – it’s essential to have a guide to help foster insight and find ways to apply its learnings.

    Ed Urgola, Global Head of Product