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CEO Consulting

CEO consulting is critical in every organization.

It is lonely at the top and leaders need a confidential forum to discuss challenges and build strategies to overcome them.

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In consulting, CEOs will analyze the most effective ways to manage up to their boards/owners and down to their leaders while building a culture where employees not only want to succeed, but are willing to go the extra mile.

As a part of our consulting work, we will set the stage for the CEO’s growth as well as the growth of the company as a whole. We will first define where we see growth opportunities, what we want to achieve and what each milestone will look like along the way. This will provide clarity on:

Vision  – Where are we going, short and long-term?

Alignment – How do we get everyone on board?

Execution – What are the processes and people we need to get this done?

Through our work, CEOs will learn to evolve their mindset, focus energy appropriately, and let go of the past so they can move the company into the future. We will help navigate transitions, challenges, and obstacles that arise throughout the process.


  • Liz Bentley and her team are an excellent resource for Sotheby’s International Realty. Liz has made a powerful impact on our management team, helping us tackle blind spots and hone our communication skills to become more effective leaders. Her one-on-one coaching advice and strategies have been life-changing for many of our employees and our organization overall.

    Kathy Korte, Former President & CEO, Sotheby’s International Realty

  • Our company has chosen to invest in itself, its executive team and managers with Liz Bentley Associates. They are teaching us how to better listen, plan, communicate and build our future. The company and I are more focused than ever before.

    Deirdre O’Connell, CEO, Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty

  • I have been with Liz Bentley Associates for the past six years through executive coaching and it has changed my life. Liz and her team have helped change the way I think and communicate to be a more effective leader in all areas of my life. Our executive team has experiences with LBA as well. Every meeting presents new challenges and strategies to motivate and mentor our employees.

    Joe Castronovo, CEO, KORG USA

  • Liz was my executive coach who brought to life the coaching experience with practical advice. Liz tends to dig deep to identify thought-provoking goals and what may hold us back from achieving those goals. Her process has a unique human behavior focus and enabled me to understand the power of the right mindset in effectuating the changes necessary to achieve those goals.

    Doug Rowe, Esq. Law Firm Partner Certilman Balin

  • The most fascinating thing working with Liz is the predictability of how a conversation will go based on the personality type of people involved. I have been in a tough situation to let someone go and in the preparation of this meeting we sat down and discussed the flow of the conversation. The real conversation then was like a replay – unbelievable. I have never been better prepared for such a tough conversation.

    Dieter Orlowski, CEO, Comforte