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Karmen Dadourian
Executive Coach


  • B.S., Computer Science, 
    Pace University
  • MBA, Finance and Management, 
    Columbia Business School
  • Coaching Certification, 
    New York University


  • Oracle, Banker’s Trust (now Deutsche Bank) and Citigroup


  • Hogan Assessments
  • 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team


  • Cooking and Hosting
  • Tennis
  • Worldwide Travel


As a Consultant and an Executive Coach, Karmen thrives on uncovering obstacles that keep even the most talented individuals and teams from realizing their full potential. The first chapter of Karmen’s professional career included over 10 years of corporate consulting experience. She served Fortune 500 companies as a software, management and a financial consultant while working at Oracle, Banker’s Trust (now Deutsche Bank) and Citigroup. She worked with executives, teams and organizations to increase performance and bring about growth.

The synergy between her corporate consulting experience and her passion for helping others reach their next level created a clear path into coaching. As an Executive Coach, Karmen focuses on leadership and team development. Her strengths are in helping her clients uncover their blind spots, gain clarity on their potential and take action with structure and confidence. Using research based and proven methodologies, Karmen guides her clients through transition and change. Living and working in various corners of the world has enriched her insights and perspectives which she also brings to her coaching.

Karmen received her B.S. in Computer Science from Pace University, MBA in Finance and Management from Columbia Business School and Coaching Certification from New York University.

What led you into coaching?

I have always enjoyed client work. Solving a problem, giving advice or helping clients navigate a difficult situation has always energized me. However, after spending over 10 years in technology, management and financial consulting for Fortune 500 companies, I realized that I needed more from my career. One thing I was certain of was that I wanted to continue to work with clients. I learned about coaching through a friend who was participating in the NYU Coaching program. We have similar professional and educational backgrounds and she encouraged me to give coaching a try. I took her advice and enrolled in a few classes at NYU – I have not looked back since. With coaching, I still use my educational background and business experience yet I am able to connect with my clients on a much deeper level. Having a happy and successful client at the end of a coaching engagement has been more gratifying for me than any other reward I had gained from a client project in my previous careers.

What unique skills/approach do you bring to coaching?

Deep listening is core to my coaching approach. I intently listen not only to what is said but also to what is not said. This approach helps me to get to understand my clients well and probe into areas that unlock bottlenecks. Having clarity about coaching goals is essential for me. If we don’t know where we are going then we can’t design and execute the best action plan to get there. Remembering details of conversations with my clients (old or new) is another skill that I rely on often. Coaches are accountability partners – my memory serves me well to hold my clients accountable. I also strongly believe in “if I see something I will say something” mantra. Going through coaching is not an easy task for our clients. Supporting them every step of the way especially when “going gets tough” is what I bring to the table. Gaining a client’s trust takes time and effort but it is crucial to having a successful relationship. My clients know that I will always be there for them.

testimonials about Karmen Dadourian

Dusty Baker

Marissa Ghesquiere

Thank you, Karmen, for sharing your talents with me. It was a great start to a life long journey of self awareness and success. You are a great coach!

Shelley Ackerman, National Sales Manager, Armstrong Flooring

Karmen was great! I was impressed with her ability to connect with us individually and really customize the training to us and our organization.

KORG Management Seminar Participant

Working with Karmen has been a terrific experience and I am grateful to her for helping me navigate my path during challenging and exciting professional journey. She proved herself to be a careful listener, a thoughtful advisor, a trusted mentor, and an inspiring coach. I appreciated the way she encouraged me to consider other points of view, to implement diverse approaches, and to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone in a way that allowed me to grow.

Maggie Feltz, Vice President, Ethics & Compliance 
, Purdue Pharma

Karmen is very thoughtful and analytical while still being approachable. I would throw a lot at her. She would listen to absorb it and then say, ‘let’s attack it.’ I put into place the strategies we talked about and it has paid off.

Sima Ali, Law Firm Principal, Ali Law Group

Karmen’s coaching sessions have been productive and eye-opening. Reviewing my daily tasks during our coaching sessions has allowed me to not only identify the opportunities to introduce efficiencies but also establish a clearer work-life balance which ultimately has led to even greater productivity in the workplace.

Karina Lopez, Director of Marketing, ONE Sotheby's International Realty