Karmen Runs Leadership Training for KORG Managers

By Kerith McElroy

Karmen wrapped up a 3-session management training program with KORG this month.  In it, she worked with managers who are high potential employees that work right under KORG’s executive committee.   Specifically, they focused on:

  • Understanding different personalities
  • How to effectively work with and influence all types of people 
  • Understanding different generations and their working styles 
  • Effective communication (verbal, written, virtual) strategies for different personalities and generations
  • Uncovering strengths and blind spots
  • Understanding giving and receiving feedback for all personality types and generations
  • Management best practices that we use with all our coaching clients

Karmen was very impressed with the group’s growth, remarking that “they made great strides in bringing their team challenges to the group to brainstorm and asking for help to find solutions.” She also  noted that “managers provided great insights into their own team dynamics and how their new learning could help them navigate those dynamics more effectively.”