Liz Takes the Main Stage at Sotheby’s Global Networking Event

Liz was honored to deliver the keynote speech at Sotheby’s Global Networking Event in Vancouver. She spoke about how to help guide people to see a different version of the truth without losing them as clients through building trust using 3 critical principals: listening with meaning, managing your ego and having empathy.⁣

She also had the pleasure of witnessing some amazing speakers including our friends Shen Schulz and Mayi de la Vega, and watch our incredible clients crush it on the panels, including Gregg Lynn, Leslie Modell, Lauren Holleran, Peter Mahler, Jeremy Stein and and Robbie Briggs. As always it was great to see all of our good friends and meet new ones.⁣

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next conference? Contact us for more information about Liz and her schedule.