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How to Ace a Phone Interview and Make It Through to the Next Level

Woman on the phone

I have a phone interview coming up for a job I really want–do you have any tips? How do I show that I really want it even though it’s not in-person?ny tips on how to focus on work when everything happening in the world is so stressful?

The executives I coach are always looking for talent to boost the expertise on their teams, especially now with all the changes taking place in the marketplace. Since their time is valuable and the pool of people looking for jobs is vast, most interviews will start with a phone meeting. If that meeting goes well, it will likely lead to a Zoom call and eventually a meeting in person if appropriate. So getting through the phone interview is a crucial first step. We find that these meetings vary in intensity. Some are a quick meet-and-greets while others are a deep dive to see if you meet the criteria for the position.

Approach this phone meeting as if it is the most important meeting you will have for this job. And it is, because if you don’t do well, you will not have another meeting or get the job. Here’s how you can show up effectively and make a good enough impression to get to the next level.

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